विहेकै दिन केटा भागेपछि दुलहि रुँदै मिडियामा, गर्भवती बनाएर प्रेमी भागेपछि यो नासो लिएर मा कहाँ जाउँ भन्दै आईन यी चितवनकि ‘दुलही’ स्टाफ नर्स (भिडियोसहित)

CMC in Chitwan starts liver transplant service : The Chitwan Medical College (CMC) in Chitwan district has begun providing liver transplant services from July 28 this year.According to the CMC Manager Parash Adhikari, the service was launched marking the World Hepatitis Day.Adhikari shared a total of 400,044 patients were recorded to have availed of OPD services in the last fiscal year 2018/19.

Director of CMC, Dr Dayaram Lamsal, informed that 32,576 patients were admitted in the emergency ward in the CMC during that period. Likewise, 42,706 patients were admitted while 2,993 got free delivery service, 7,830 patients received free surgery and 2,528 got major surgery performed during the period. Furthermore, Lamsal shared that a total of 74,463 patients had availed of healthcare services through health insurance policy of the government. Mobile health camps were held in various 12 districts last fiscal year benefiting 6,551 patients.

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