रबि लामिछानेको पक्षमा चितवन पुगेरै बोले साम्राज्ञी र पुष्प, ‘रवी जनताका राजा हुन् निष्पक्ष छानविन होस्’ (भिडियो)

रबि लामिछानेको पक्षमा चितवन पुगेरै बोले साम्राज्ञी र पुष्प, ‘रवी जनताका राजा हुन् निष्पक्ष छानविन होस्’ (भिडियो)

Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah credited as Samragyee RL Shah, is a Nepali actress who predominantly works in Nepali cinema. Shah is the recipient of several awards, including one National Film Award and multiple NFDC National Film Awards. She is also one of the highest-paid actresses in Nepali cinema.She has starred in numerous Nepali films, including A Mero Hajur 2 (2017), Intu Mintu Londonma (2018), and Rato Tika Nidharma (2019). Shah debuted as an actress in the 2016 romantic-drama Dreams, which went on to become a commercial success, and earned several awards for her performance. Shah was born on 18 November 1995 in Birgunj, Nepal, to Neha Rajya Laxmi Shah and Mahesh Bikram Shah.Samragyee RL Shah is related to the Nepali royal family through her grandfather Pashupati Bikram Shah.According to Anand Nepal of Nepali Actress:

“Samragyee’s ancestor Narendra Bikram Shah was the youngest of the two sons of Surendra Bir Bikram Shah. Narendra’s son Indra Bikram Shah’s cousin Prithivi Bir Bikram Shaha was crowned king after the death of Surendra in 1881. At the time of crowning Prithivi Bir Bikram was 7 years old. After Prithivi Bir Bikram Shaha, his son Tribhubhan Bir Bikram Shah was the king of Nepal. Tribhuwan is credited for removing Rana rule in Nepal. Tribhuwan’s son Mahendra is the father of the now-dethroned ex-king Gyanendra Shah and murdered king Birendra Shah.”

Shah attended St. Xavier’s Higher Secondary School in Birgunj, Nepal, from grades one to three. She continued her studies in Sai Baba School in New Delhi, India. After completing sixth grade, she attended the Royal Academy of India in Kathmandu.Shah has dated Devanksh SJB Rana since 2018. In 2017 Shah was included in the list of “Top 10 Women and Men of the Year” published by weekly publication Kantipur Saptahik sister publication of Kantipur, where she was ranked on tenth position

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