दुख परे ओली, प्रचण्ड र देउवासंग कोहि जादैनन् जाने रवीसंग नै हो भन्दै गर्जिन सर्जु (भिडियो)

District Administration Office, Chitwan on Monday has declared Bharatpur as prohibited zone following separate demonstrations by the supporters of Rabi Lamichhane and another group demanding justice for Shalikram Pudasaini, who committed sui….cide earlier this month. According to Dipendra Shah, DSP at District Police Office in Chitwan, the adjoining areas from Chaubis Kothi to Mal Pot Chowk have been named as the restricted zone. Various sensitive offices such as hospital, court and government offices are located along the restricted zone.

DSP Shah further said, “Ongoing demonstrations disturbed daily administrative works and service delivery, so we decided to impose the restriction.” If anyone demonstrates in the designated place breaching the notice, punishment according to the law is inevitable, he added.

The situation of Bharatpur has become tensed following the arrest of a television presenter Rabi Lamichhane on August 15 in connection with an apparent sui….cide case of his colleague Shalik Ram Pudasaini.The police said they have tightened security following incessant demonstrations by Lamichhane fans demanding his release and other group demanding a fair investigation into the case.

Nepal-India Joint Commission’s meeting to strengthen bilateral economic partnership
Sharachchandra Bhandary – The fifth meeting of the Nepal-India Joint Commission scheduled to take place in Kathmandu on August 21 and 22 would focus on strengthening bilateral economic partnership between Nepal and India, it has been shared at a press conference organised at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here on Monday.

The speakers at the event expressed the hope that the meeting would further consolidate relations between Nepal and India and boost Nepal’s economy apart from reviewing the entire state of bilateral relations and road, water and air connectivity. Likewise, various subjects ranging from political relations between the countries, financial and infrastructural aid, trade and transit, energy and water resources, culture and education would be discussed, said Minister for Foreign Affairs Pradeep Kumar Gyawali.

Besides discussing the report of the Eminent Persons Group, the meeting would focus on institutionalising agreements struck at Prime Ministerial level of both the countries, devising plans to implement them at the earliest and discussing ways to sort out difficulties surfaced in the process of enforcing past agreements, he said.

The report prepared last year has yet to be presented before Prime Ministers of both the countries due to various reasons. “We wish PMs of both the countries receive the report, and it will be implemented as soon as possible,” said minister Gyawali. At the meeting, technical groups of both the countries would present progress details about long-term resolution of inundation problem, added Minister Gyawali.
Under the meeting, a joint secretarial-level meeting of Nepal and India would be held on Tuesday, and a ministerial-level meeting on Wednesday.

Minister Gyawali said that he and his Indian counterpart Subrahmanyam Jaishankar would lead delegation of their respective countries at the ministerial-level meeting. A total of 35 representatives from Nepal including Nepal’s Ambassador to India, high ranking officials of the Ministries of Home, Defence, Finance, Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation, Agriculture and Livestock Development, Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Communications and Information Technology and Industry, Commerce and Supply would participate in the meeting.


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